Conundrums of the Soul

By Kay Hart

Let whoever is wise observe these things,
that they may comprehend the gracious love of the LORD.   Psalm 107:43

MockingbirdI wrote the following on May 31, 2012. It was written as a reflection on Psalm 107:43. I don’t claim to be a poet, though it is written that way. That’s just the way it came out.

To love the unseen is insanity.
To love the unheard is unfathomable.
How can I describe the love of a God that I can’t see or hear?
And yet, he does speak.
He is not unseen.
I’ve seen the nail scars and put my finger there.
I’ve heard his voice calming my heart in the night.
In the storm of fear, love is hard to find let alone describe.
In the night of confusion, there is no light to guide.
I see the conundrums of the soul.
To believe in love while drowning in fear
To embrace love while grasping in the blindness of the soul
It is like grasping the heat waves that flicker above the highway in August.
It is too hard for me.
I cannot see this love in the ethereal.
I can only see it when I lift my eyes to watch the sunflower reaching for the sky.
I can only hear it when I listen for the voice that is more real than the mockingbird.
So, this I do now.

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