Our Contributors


Brett Hart — Pastor, spiritual director, cook, book binder, artist, chicken whisperer, and woodworker, Brett takes seriously Paul’s instruction to lead a quiet life and work with your hands. He calls his daily routine “suburban monasticism” and it is in the rhythm of silence, work, and community that Brett feels the breath of God. Brett serves as the Pastor of Community Life and Arts at Hope Chapel and is  currently pursuing a certification in spiritual direction from the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodis University.

Available for:

  • Individual spiritual direction
  • Retreat Speaker & Planner (men’s, spiritual formation, Tres Dias, marriage)
  • Other speaking events

Kay Hart — Married to Brett, Kay raised four children before embracing a call to enter the public sector.  Her work in government gives Kay the chance to explore the opportunities and challenges of living in the Kingdom of God in the secular workplace. Kay experiences God’s presence most often in early morning prayers as she works through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Available for:

  • Retreat Speaker & Planner (women’s, work and faith, Tres Dias, marriage)
  • Other speaking events

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